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An invitation to take part in the Bang & Olufsen Pro Am


Mosa Trajectum would like to invite amateur and professional golfers to take part in their Pro Am on 26th of September 2008.


The Bang & Olufsen Pro Am is not restricted to Spanish Federation (RFEG) license holders, so any foreign pro with his team can enter provided they can show a valid handicap certificate from a recognised club. This is an excellent opportunity for players who have never played in a Pro Am to take part.


The only condition is that a photocopy of the handicap certificate is presented when entering the team.

Further details on the Bang & Olufsen Pro Am are below:

· The entry fee is 70€ per player (1 pro + 3 amateurs).
· Tournament takes place on the Pine and Stone Courses.
· There´s limited availability of buggies. These must be booked when entering the team.
· The start time will be approximately 13.30 PM, shotgun start.
· The field is initially limited to 27 teams, on a first come, first served basis.
· All teams must be entered complete, this is, the four players (in the case of non-RFEG players, entries must be accompanied by the handicap certificates, scanned or faxed 868 910436-).
· Teams are considered entered only when they receive written confirmation from the organization.
· Entries accepted until the 24th of September at 18.00 PM.
· There will be many prizes for the winning teams and pros.

Interested in taking part? Please contact Assistant Golf Manager at Mosa Golf.


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